Welcome to our official Sisseton City Cemetery Web Site.
              Board Members:

      Wayne Deutsch : President
Mark Tasa: Sexton
       Judy Groos: Treasurer
       Yvonne Hippen: Secretery
      Jodi Veflin: Trustee
               Tim Hanson: Vice President
       Donna Salembier
      Shelva Landmark
       Rick Brooks
      Arlin Thompson
      Butch Greseth  

Contact: Mark Tasa (1-605-698-3005) at marktasa@venturecomm.net.  Or you may contact Judy Groos (1-605-698-3590) at jggroos@venturecomm.net for questions and comments.
The Sisseton Cemetery is divided into two parts - we refer to the older sections as the Old Cemetery and the newer section is referred to as the New Cemetery.      Your family owns the site and the burial site marker.  Please check the markers and have repairs made.  Currently we are trying to contact family members of markers that need to be repaired.  If your family stone needs to be leveled or repaired, please do so.  This will prevent any injury and will keep the cemetery looking it's best. 
The Cemetery has recently added a Columbarium for cremations.  If you wish to purchase a space, please contact Mark Tasa.
The Cemetery Association takes care of the grounds.  Keeping the grounds mowed and looking good is costly.  We appreciate any memorials or gifts.  You can send these memorials to Judy Groos, 211 Jamie Circle, Sisseton, SD  57262.

   Last update 11/27/2018

Gravedigger - Curt Myrum 605-694-2776.
NO PLANTING ALLOWED without consent of board.

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    Old Cemetery Block Listing New Cemetery Block Listing

   Old Cemetery Layout   New Cemetery Layout

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There are currently broken monuments in the cemetery.  This could cause injury to others.  Please check your family's stones for repair.  If you find a marker that is leaning or broken, and you know the family, please contact them or a cemetery board member with contact information.